Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Keeping Babies Cool In The Summer

First of all, chubby baby arms - too much. The chubbier the baby, the cuter they are yet adults are the opposite, hardly fair. 

We have recently experienced a heat wave here in Ireland and as glorious as it has been, trying to keep Finn cool during the night needed some adjusting.
We've been keeping him during the day well enough.
  • Give him a bottle of cool water to play with and keep himself cool
  • and/or damn cloth 
  • Plenty of water for hydration
  • Paddling pool in the shade
  • Fruit lollies
And of course it goes without saying, but tons and tons of sun cream. Best not done where your long haired dog sometimes sleeps. Finn has almost looked more like a puppy than a baby with dog hair stuck to the cream. (Yes, I hoover regularly. No house is perfect.)

We have the Gro Egg Room Thermometer. It changes colour depending on the temperature of the room. Blue - too cold, yellow - perfect, orange - too warm and red - too hot.
During the really hot days, it had been sitting on the orange consistently, but a few times in the late evening and night it had crept to red. So my battle to get the red egg back to yellow or orange, I make sure the window is permanently cracked open on the latch and I have started closing the curtains half way through the day to stop the sun heating the room even more, as well as putting a fan in for a short while before we go to bed. 
All of this along with Finn sleeping in just his nappy on a cool sheet has helped him sleep better at night without waking up crying in a pool of sweat - I never knew babies sweated this much, it's frightening at times!!   

You can purchase the Gro Egg Room Thermometer here



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