Saturday, 9 July 2016

My Saturday Nights Have Changed

Pros – Prosecco doesn’t go cold like a cup of tea.
Cons – You’re screwed if your baby cries and your nails are still wet, such a pity.

Everyone kept telling me I would have no free time anymore. I always knew when I became a new mum I would be very busy, but I never believed that ALL my free time would be gone.
I remember the first time I painted my toenails after I had Finn. I squealed the house down like a five year old showing everyone that I could touch my toes again. (also meant my boyfriend was apparently no longer needed for that task)
Now having a glass of prosecco and painting my nails on a Saturday night after Finn has went to bed is such a luxury. It truly is the little things.

Nail varnish pictured: Rimmel London - Peachella, Pillow Talk & Clear.



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