Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Seven At Seven (Months)


1.    “Oh no, why’s he crying? What’s wrong with him?"
I don’t know, I’ve never had a baby before, he’s only two days old and he doesn’t tell me things when we’re alone. Like I’m not already sh*tting myself with a brand new baby, I don’t need more questions fired at me, I need the answers!

2.    Nothing will test a relationship more than having a baby.
Seven months on and I still fear for my boyfriend's life at 4am when I'm feeding Finn and he's happily just snoring beside me. Then later on I'll hear him making Finn laugh from the next room and his life is spared for another day.

3.    a) Getting out of the car and going to the back seat, then feeling like a numpty because your baby is at home with his father.
As much as I absolutely love having Finn out and about with me and getting comments on how cute he is etc. But my god the freedom.
      b) Speaking of cars - Upgrading to a larger car for easier car
seat insertion and removal, only to find out you can't park the darn thing. 

4.    No low cut dresses when breastfeeding.
As Finn preferred only the one side I was forever a walking advertisement for a botched boob job. 

5.    "Are you feeding him yourself or with formula?", "Is he sleeping through the night yet?", "Have you got him in a good routine?" and "When are you going back to work?"
Again with the questions, I feel like I'm being interviewed for a magazine article without getting paid. The going back to work one though, why bring that up?! Now I'm counting down the days.  

6.    Baby proofing and he's only just started crawling.
He's in everything already! Do parents just cover their entire house in hundreds of cushions?! I'll just wrap Finn in bubble wrap when he starts walking. Done.  

7.    Am I just extremely tired or finally going insane?
They tell you and they tell you. You will never sleep the same again with a baby. If I get a solid six hours sleep at night without having to feed, change or replace a dummy, it has been a glorious night. 



  1. Love the blog Maria! All of the above about the realities of being a first time mum are so true! Keep up the ramblings. xx

  2. Maria you have this new mum stuff bang on.


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