Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Sleeping Through The Night Breakthrough

"Is he sleeping through the night yet?"
No, he is not. It's obviously not as bad as when he was a newborn, waking every hour or sometimes every half hour. But he still often wakes twice through the night.

Again, being awake now is not as bad when he was newborn because I hit up Amazon a lot, sometimes getting parcels a few days later and not having a clue what was in them. I could have built a small fort with the Amazon boxes I had. Very bad. 

I remember a while back reading somewhere that taking your baby out more for long walks and the likes should help him sleep through the night, every mother probably already knew this, but seven months in I'm still the baby dummy. So in an effort to get Finn sleeping longer through the night, we are doing exactly that, and I'm happy to report it's working! 

The past three nights he's been going to bed around 10pm and not waking until 6am. This is a major breakthrough. I've probably jinxed us now by saying all of this and he'll start wanting to hang out at 3am again. 



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